who we are


The Institute for Infrastructure Economics and Management (IEM) is an independent management institute based in Munich, founded by Prof. Dr. Nico Grove. Together with our team, partners and clients from industry, finance, consulting, research and government sector, we provide expertise for sustainable infrastructure investment, support business growth strategies and derive implications for management and policy decisions.

Our main research areas focus on the link between welfare economics, regulation and corporate strategy. This includes general economic/legal questions of infrastructure financing, planning and strategy as well as related areas such as sustainable infrastructure investments or the regulation of resources.

Strategy development and implementation targets resource intense industry clients, but also public institutions and governments. Our areas of excellence include business planning, business development, turn-around, expert evaluations and structured finance.

With our matching platform, we connect Infrastructure with Finance. Infrastructure asset owners and developers are granted with project specific financial needs. Financial investors are provided with infrastructure assets fitting their structure and requirements.

Private equity management activities focus sustainable investments primarily in real estate markets with track-record returns and growth opportunities

In addition, we engage in business venture and social/ecologic impact activities.

quality standards

Expertise & experience across industries and markets: IEM and our experts have worked in and for industry, research, finance and consulting on infrastructure projects.

Fast & scalable: At IEM, we are working together with a large network of experts. Therefore, we can guarantee a fast delivery and Ramp-Up for large and extensive projects.

Global Network: IEM is globally connected via existing expert and consulting networks, but also via personal relationships to individuals and engagement in infrastructure associations.

Technological expertise: We comprehend current infrastructure technologies and services. At the same time, we are enthusiastic about new technologies and developments.

Understanding the tone: At IEM, we consider infrastructure from multiple perspectives, including competition, customer, government, investor, regulation, supplier, and technology.

Passion for infrastructure: At IEM, we focus investments with sustainable returns, scalable growth, low risks and proven returns on a long term horizon perspective.